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Artist & Educator

Minnesota artist, Jesse Golfis pop art graffiti style brings resilient energy to your home, business, and community through prints, commissions, and murals.
Minneapolis native, Artist Jesse Golfis (above)

A Minnesota raised artist, an alternative art educator, this artist focus is facilitator of social evolution. He emits positive focus, attitude and passion. Through art, he brings a focus to social activists, heroes, and difference makers that have inspired his personal development. As an educator he leads students with Autism on a journey towards self-identification and social responsibility. His experience in working with students on the Autism Spectrum has given him a deeper understanding of art as a form of communication.


Graduating from Luther College with a BA in Art, Golfis began the process of establishing his presence in the world of art. He worked for a series of fabrication shops, sculpting and painting. Exhibiting his work in Arizona, California, Chicago, uncovered his own creative evolution.  Becoming co-founder and curator at Abstracted Gallery in NE Minneapolis, Golfis expanded his skill set. The gallery established a precedence of an artist first theology. The artists’ passion to bring change expands from canvas to people. He began to teach classes. Looking to expand his impact, Golfis began to see the importance of empowering young people. He shared his skills with students at Gordon Parks High School, Johnson High School, St. Michael Albertville Middle School, Lionsgate Academy and Benilde Saint Margaret.


Jesse Golfis’ recent works consists of modern pop art portraits with thrown paint backgrounds, depicting icons that have influenced society – including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Robin Williams. Exploring “the connection between raw emotion and raw color,” brilliant, harmonizing, and soothing artwork evolves. Through a simple brush, Jesse Golfis shares with the world his meditative, energetic, and positive spirit.

Minnesota artists, brings empowerment to your home decor with your everyday heroes in paint.
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